Dressed in White

Billy and I met in Middle school, started dating in 2008 as freshmen in high school, and got married on November 7th, 2015. I don’t think I have ever looked forward, planned, and stressed out harder about any other single thing like I did about our wedding day.


I should preface by telling you we had a long engagement. So by the time it was actually time to start putting deposits down on the venue, food, and all the other things a wedding calls for – I had it all planned. I had read books, and articles, and reviews, and testimonials, and biographies, and wedding bibles, basically anything related to wedding planning – I read, memorized, and stressed about (this included binge watching David Tutera and Say Yes to the Dress).

From all my wedding planning education, I learned I had to pick one thing. One service, that was the most vital – the one part of the wedding I could not live without being absolutely perfect. For me that was photography. So we interviewed, dated, and stalked dozens of photographers (most of which were out of our price range). Until one day, we met Marilyn from Rising Lotus Photography. She was bright and cheerful and everything I ever wanted on my wedding day (a love story in itself). So we booked our wedding photographer a year and a half before our wedding day (and used most of our wedding budget on it) and we’ve never regretted it one bit.


The year leading up to the wedding flew by, maybe it was all the trips to Michael’s Craft Store, maybe it was me obsessing over DIY table numbers. Some things came easily, like selecting the bridesmaid dresses which took one appointment, at one store, in one hour (honestly, the guys fitting took longer). Then there were other things that did not go as planned. For example, our florist cancelled two weeks before the wedding, which left me scrambling to order flowers online to be delivered two days before the wedding so I could put them together myself. Our hydrangeas (which was our main flower) was held up in customs and never arrived. Instead the farm I ordered them from had a local florist deliver half bloomed, premature hydrangeas. The sweetheart roses I ordered for my bouquet were burnt and weren’t even sweetheart roses. I hated every makeup trial I got, and tasked myself to paint my own face (no bride should ever do this BTW). Our cake flowers never arrived (luckily Fresh Market had an excellent selection). Our cake was not pink on the inside and was almost delivered with the wrong icing (but tasted delicous), the food tasted nothing like the tasting, and cocktail hour started half an hour late. Worst of all despite our best efforts to have a “fall wedding” it was 92 degrees on our wedding day.

Does this sound like the perfect disaster yet? As the wedding grew closer, I got calmer (not eye of the hurricane calmer either). I dealt with setbacks, I let people help, and most of all I enjoyed the process as much as I could in that moment. So, I guess what I really learned from all my wedding madness, is that it’s okay to be stressed but it’s more important to take everything in. I’m not going to say anyone getting married shouldn’t stress, and plan, and that you shouldnt be allowed an occasional moment of Godzilla-like behavior. You are entitled to freak out, and cry, and eat an entire ice cream cake by yourself. I will say this, all I remember is how lovely my bouquet smelled, how much fun it was to get ready with my best friends, how much fun it was to dress like a princess for a day, and how amazing it felt to say “I do” in front of all our family and friends and how unforgettable dancing the night away with my husband was.

So here’s to you, whether you’re in the midst of planning your wedding now, getting  married in a few years, hoping he’s going to pop the question soon, or you’re sitting at home with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s watching reruns of Gossip Girl, or even if you have plans of never, ever getting back togeth- married.. I hope your wedding day is almost everything you dreamt of, because the parts that aren’t picture perfect end up being the ones you don’t need pictures to remember.


PS – This was a really long post and yes, that was a sad attempt at a T-Swift joke – sorry.