St Pete’s Saturday Morning Market

St Petersburg, Florida is already paradise, but one of the magical parts of living in the Tampa Bay Area is being able to enjoy all of the local farmers markets. The St Petersburg Saturday Morning Market is one of the top 20 markets in the country (and there are over 7k!). Every Saturday locals, tourists, families, and friends meet up at the market to enjoy some of the most delicious and diverse food offerings in the area. There are more than 15 different nationalities represented at the market every week – can you imagine how much delicious food there is to try?!

La Petite France, which features croissants and Nutella and Habana Cafe, which features fresh pressed Cubans, are two of my regular favorites. All of the tent staff members are so friendly and excited to help you pick new dishes to try. There are over 170 vendors that are approved to fill the 130 spaces available every week. Sometimes your favorite dog treat business is there, and other times they aren’t and your pup’s dreams are shattered. Which leads to one of the BEST parts of The Saturday Morning Market, your furry friend is welcome to tag along and explore all the tantalizing smells while meet other furry pals.

My typical trip to the market involves buying all the fresh produce I’ll need for that week, stocking up on my favorite hot sauce (Jason is pictured below), and treating myself to some of the best artisan pasta in the area. Oh! – let’s not forget those gorgeous Viktoria Richard Chocolates you see up there! There are always super talented performers as well. People dance, they sit, or they stand and sip their sugar can juice while enjoy some sun (aka: me).


It’s not ALL about the scrumptious food though (even though we all know food is life), it’s also about community. Local artists come to the market every week to display and sell their works of art. If you’re looking for a unique gift, be it jewelry, original paintings and drawings, or clothes, you’ll be sure to find one… or twelve here. On their website The Saturday Morning Market states that their mission is to be the “heart” of St Petersburg, and they certainly live up to that statement. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and learning a little bit about what makes all of St Pete’s residents proud to call our city home.

Love, Isaidys



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