Living in Paradise.. Kind of

Being Cuban born, living in Florida is the closest I get to being home. In Florida it’s a cheery 135 degrees Fahrenheit year round, with a 110% humidity (and you think I’m kidding). We don’t have the passing of seasons or leaves that change colors, and the only way of knowing Christmas is coming is by walking into Macy’s.  What we do have though, is water. The beaches near my hometown of St. Petersburg are beyond lovely, with 365 days of warm waters and small waves. The sand is grainy and white, the kind you just want to dig your toes into.


The other type of water we have is rain. Although dubbed the Sunshine State, Florida really should be called the “It Rains for 10 Minutes Every Day State.” Weather you’re preparing for a sunny day at the beach, an adventure packed visit to Disney World, or a quite Sunday in – you can count on enjoying at least 10 minutes of rain (it’s not so bad, it cools you off from the near-hell temperature).


All this doesn’t stop the Tampa Bay Area from being one of my favorite places in the entire world (not that I’ve visited much of it). Enjoying the salt life year round is worth watching snow on TV during Christmas any year. If you’re ever in the area – stop by John’s Pass at St. Pete Beach and you might just make a friend.

(I’m talking about the egret. The egret will be your friend – Floridians aren’t that nice and egrets outnumber the population).




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